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Een RPG die zich centreert rond het leven in een stad waar alles kan gebeuren.

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1 The FAYZ II op wo apr 24, 2013 12:29 pm

Dean Garton

Ik ben oncreatief met titels verzinnen dus heb deze lichtelijk gejat. Na het einde van 'Light' en de FAYZ die dus over is, bladiebla, gebeurd er iets en echt niet laat nadat het laatste deel uit is. Dus mensjes in deze FAYZ (een aantal weten zegmaar wél wat er gaande is en weten het einde ook) hebben misschien pas net hun Gone-serie compleet. However, it happened en ze zitten nu in zo'n zelfde ding. Hoe en wat lees je wel. Note; verhaal is in het Engels. Zelfgeschreven, want ik ben cool, Razz en ehm, tja. That's all. Haz fun reading.

Chapter 1
ONE MINUTE THE teacher was yelling at people who didn’t do their homework.. And the next minute she was gone.
No 'poof.' No flash of light. No explosion.
Hannah Vanleiden wasn’t really paying attention when her Dutch teacher disapperead. It was the silence that made her look up.
“Where is Mrs. De Groot?” Someone asked. No, she corrected herself, not someone. It was Christa. Christa with the big nose. Hannah didn’t really liked her.

“She poofed,” smirked someone.

“Wait, hold on. Where is Josh?” Suddenly there was panic. Panic everywhere.

“I can’t find Porter,” a girl cried.

“Lilly-May is gone too!” Hannah dared to look at the boy who said this. Not that she needed to turn to know who said it. It was Patrick, good-looking, handsome Patrick. He was dating Lilly-May for quite a while now.

Hannah started laughing, which turned into crying. The Goth girl in the back of the class looked at her with a facial expression that revealed that she knew it too. This was exactly like ‘Gone’ from Micheal Grant. Except that this wasn’t just a story. This was now Hannahs reality.

“But I’m seventeen,” she said, suddenly realising that this wasn’t like the books. However…

“How old is Lilly-May?” the Goth girl asked. Goth girl her name was Olivia, however people knew this, they still called her Goth girl. It didn’t seem to bother her. She had no real friends at school and this rumor was spread that she harmed herself.

“Lilly-May is eightteen,” Patrick answered. “What does it matter, Goth girl?” Olivia shrugged, wandered towards Hannah and sat next to her. Somehow the seat was empty.

“Who sat there?” Hannahs voice broke.

“No idea, but he or she would probably be eightteen.” Olivia smiled at her but behind that smile there was something else. It.. Olivia was scared. She knew what happened.

“I… What…” Olivia’s big grey eyes had a shimmer which Hannah adored. But now was not the time to imagine about Olivia’s great, slim body, long black hair, cute smile and funny remarks. How did Hannah even know that? She was not a friend of Olivia and they never spoke.

The look in Olivia’s eyes made Hannah dizzy. Distracted her.

“I…” Olivia waited but after a few seconds she laughed.

“I have no idea that.. but that doesn’t matter now, I guess. What do you think that happened?” Hannah looked away, trying to focus on what happened.

“Something big,” she said, finally. “Something wrong.”
People who where in the classroom, now slowly started to walk away. No one really cared about the two girls. Hannah had no real friends, not here, and Olivia was the Goth girl with a reason. They both were fine with that.

“I’m sure there were signs,” Olivia said. She stood up, walked towards her backpack and took ‘Light’ out of it.

“Light?” Hannah smiled. “Really?”

“I… just finished it. Couldn’t believe it would come in use, but oh well, I guess it comes in use. What do we know from ‘Light?’” Olivia was the first one who took her serious.

“Erh. The gaiaphage is the reason it all happened.” That was all. Really, that was all.
“True. The gaiaphage is the reason it all happened.” But Olivia wanted more.

“What do we know?” Hannah asked. Olivia stood up, walked to the window and looked out.
“Oh that is what I call a barrier. And looks… Yes. How it was described in the first four books. Not transparant, not black. A little greyish and… Clouds. But not real clouds. We’re close to the barrier, for as far I can see. How big would this one be?” Hannah frowned, thinking out loud.

“So you’re telling we have a barrier, people older than eightteen disappeared and for all I know that some people will develop a mutant power.” Olivia wanted to interrupt her, but Hannah went on.

“I think there are mutants allready. Moofs, freaks, however you will call it.” Now she looked up at Olivia again. “There will be a fight. Racism occurs. People think that the mutants are… are… other people. And after that, after a lot of kills, there will be a time of peace. But not long. Not for long.”

“Whoa, you’ve got a whole scenario in your head. It’s not the first time you think about this, right?” It was that Olivia smiled, but otherwise Hannah would have screamed.

“Yes,” she answered without needing to answer. “I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while now. What if… Always that ‘what if…’”

“But why?” Olivia frowned, leaning against the wall. She looked sexy the way she stood so Hannah had to shook her head.

“Because I have developed a weird power.”

“Oh god,” Olivia said.

“Yes. That was the first thing I thought.”


“So, everyone older than eightteen disappeared. We have no cellphone and now what?” Sam Murray looked at his best friend and waited him to answer. Pasqual Scodelario was the smarty pants, was the geeky nerd, was the… popular guy who always had a answer with him. This time, Pasqual didn’t have one.

“I have no idea,” he said honestly. “But there are people out here who do know what’s going on. And… are we even sure that there are no people older than eightteen in this… thing?” Sam shrugged, like he even cared.

“Dude, I asked you something.”

“You are the smart one,” Sam said.

“That doesn’t mean… Oh well, whatever dude. So. Let’s see…” Pasqual closed his eyes, his chocolatbrown eyes. He had a lighter color hair, thick and cut in the old Justin Bieber coupe. Sometimes people teased him with that, that he looked like the old Justin Bieber, but Pasqual couldn’t care less. Sam, for some reason, did care. Told Pasqual to have a haircut. No one wanted to be like Justin Bieber.

“Pasqual?” a younger version of him stood for his nose and Pasqual jumped off his chair.

“Luke!” He hugged his little brother, who was ten years old, and smiled at him. “I’m glad you’re here. That you are save and sound.” His little brother went to a different school than Pasqual and it was quite a dangerous walk. Luke frowned.

“It wasn’t hard to come here without being hit,” he said, not able to hide his amazement.

“Not?” That was.. Oh yeah, ofcourse. All the people in the cars probably would have disappeared too. Sam coughed. This chitchat between brothers allready started to annoy him.

“Oh, hi Sam,” Luke said with a shaky little smile. “Your sister was looking for you.”
“Well, whatever. Like I care. Like I –“

“She’s your sister, Sam. No matter what happened, what is important now, is that you keep your family together. Try not to waste food. Spare it up. Save it. Store it somewhere save. But please… Please stay calm and friendly.”

“I thought we were friends.” Sam firmly got up from his chair and started walking away, wanting Pasqual to run after him. But Pasqual didn’t come. It was little Luke who went after Sam. He panted.

“Why are you running away? Your sister is not that bad, I mean, I like her. She is nice and patient, friendly and kind…” Luke liked Sam’s sister, Sam’s twin sister.

“Oh fuck you,” Sam snapped.

“That is a bad word, my friend.” Luke and Sam turned around to look at whoever had said that. Ofcourse it was Lilly. Her long, blonde hair, brown eyes, funny freckles and cheerful smile were the opposite of Sam. Sam was a short kid with black hair and brown/grey eyes. His lips formed an ‘U’ turned upside down, almost all the time. He was not cheerful, he was not a leader, he was not friendly, kind, patient or nice. He was just Sam. And his friend was Pasqual and now… Pasqual started liking his sister! Since he noticed that they seemed to like each other, he started hating his sister. He snapped at her for no reason, hit her for no reason, made her cry for no reason, and all she did was smiling at him, smiling at everyone, even when she just felt so bad. But nobody knew what he did.

“Fuck off,” he said, losing his temper, trying not to hit her. It was hard. His hands were clenched into fists and…

“Don’t be so mad, Sam. She is just your sister,” Luke said with his high pitched voice.
What happened after that, was a blur. The only thing he know now that Pasqual was sitting on him, pushing him against the floor and that Luke was taking care of a bleeding Lilly.

“Are you done now?” Pasqual hissed. “You made a fool of yourself. You hit your sister without a reason and she is really hurt.”

“Like I care,” Sam said. A tear ran down his cheek but Pasqual was not impressed. He loosened his grip on Sam and Sam quickly stood up. Pasqual shook his had and walked away, with Luke and Lilly on his sides.

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